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Before you begin...

  • When searching for your school, try typing the least amount of information possible, i.e. "Wayne" instead of "Wayne County Community College".
  • A course that is equivalent to 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, etc. counts as an elective.
  • Any equivalency with an "Eff. Term" applies to courses taken during or after that term, i.e. 201009 applies to any course taken during the Fall Semester 2010 and any time after that.
  • If your school does not come up in the search, then Wayne State does not currently have equivalencies in the system for that particular school. Please send a quick note to transfercredit@wayne.edu that includes the name of the institution where you took the course.
  • Some schools will have multiple listings with specific campus locations. Please refer to listing of the main campus of your school, i.e. Baker College-Flint is the main campus as opposed to Baker College-Muskegon.

Equivalency Tables